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View Diary: Lincoln speaks to today's Republican extortionists (7 comments)

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  •  Davis, not Lincoln, is the tea party hero. (0+ / 0-)

    To the extent that Lincoln wasn't an abolitionist and Obama isn't for single payer there is a vague comparison. But help with private health care is not near the top of the list of crises, in a world of global warming, corporate criminal control of government, economic collapse, rampant slavery, etc. If the Dems were to heed Lincoln, the Whig turned Republican, they would be willing to abandon their current compromised ineffectiveness to form a single issue party on the issue of abolishing plutocracy. TR, LaFollette and the Progressive era were actually about that, until fully coopted by Wilson. The Northern liberal New Deal and civil rights movements placed the Dems in the Antimasonic-Conscience Whig-Free Soil- Radical Republican tradition, which now causes it far more embarrassment with its bankers than does its slavemongering and Jim Crow origins.

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