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View Diary: What the Democrats should give the Republicans, to help them save face (335 comments)

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  •  Put Time Pressure On them! (0+ / 0-)

    Republicans have no reason to negotiate.  Right now, the worst thing they can get is a CR on their terms.  All the pressure is on us.  They either get us to compromise or the status quo gets maintained.

    Right now, it’s us who are sweating a deadline, in that we want a clean debt ceiling and of course the government reopened.  They on the other hand, seem to think that we must give them something for just doing their jobs
    It’s time to put a reverse roles.

    If I’m Harry Reid, I’m putting a new CR on the table and making certain that the Republicans know that once it passes, the House friendly one no longer matters and that the President won’t sign it, even if they do pass it!!  This new  one adds 40 billion in food stamps.  We vote on it, since they can’t filibuster a budget item and we pass it on over to the house.    We then tell Boehner, you’ve got a week to pass this one or we will vote on another one with a WPA.

    There are already enough sound bites of the Republicans saying they have to get something out of this shut down and quite frankly, we should be pushing the idea that we are the one’s who are having a legitimate fight over numbers.  They on the other hand, aren’t sure of why they are doing this anymore!

    •  We're not sweating anything. Per the NYT (0+ / 0-)

      Boehner is preparing his caucus to cave. The tea party reps actually want to get out from under the government shutdown.  They can't take the heat.  

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