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View Diary: When Boehner raised his Grand Bargain idea at the WH meeting Wednesday, "everybody laughed at him." (105 comments)

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    It's important to note that when the Repubs say they want Obamacare stopped, what they are really saying is they want the President to:
    1. Repeal a law [The President can't repeal laws.]
    2. which was passed by Congress (both houses) [Over 40 votes held to overturn it and all fails]
    3. and survived a Supreme Court challenge [yeah that happened too]
    4. did I mention he's a strong proponent?

    All kidding aside, it's beyond outrageous what the Republicans* are doing, in House and Senate, and around the country.

    * Repub leadership, not all people who call themselves repubs, some ppl who call themselves indep, etc for caveats.

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