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  •  The Religious Right IS the American Taliban (0+ / 0-)

    They are selling the same product as Al Qaeda, just with a different brand name.  There have not been any HONEST Republicans in the White House since Eisenhower (well, maybe Ford, because he was just a caretaker), and fewer and fewer honest Republicans in the Congress.  And now the Koch-and-Fox-funded Tea Party is punishing honesty and rewarding corruption.

    We were warned in the 1930's that if Fascism came to America, it would be "wrapped in the Flag and carrying a Bible."  By the dictionary definition, not exaggerating or comparing with Hitler (whose brand of Fascism was peculiar to his nation and his time), today's so-called American conservatism fits the definition of Fascism: power and collusion between wealthy people and government officials; military adventurism; restrictions on rights of minorities; emotional appeals to religion and/or patriotism to arouse hatred of minorities, poor, powerless people in the majority; patriotic pomp and pageantry; spying on citizens; inspiring fear to express dissent and fear of those who do express dissent.

    But the direction this is moving is BEYOND Fascism and tending to the OTHER "F-word:" FEUDALISM.  This is a system in which a very small number of very wealthy people OWN the land, OWN the government, and OWN the rest of the population.  There has never been an advanced industrial nation under feudalism, and it would seem that, ASIDE from the threat to individual freedoms, a nation CANNOT remain wealthy under a feudal system.  But the Christian Taliban do not care about the long term future of America or the world, because they expect and WELCOME a catastrophic END OF THE WORLD.  When this group obtains complete control of our vast nuclear (and conventional) arsenal, God help the world!

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