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  •  This IS what needs to happen... (0+ / 0-)

    not only to resolve the issue now... but to save the GOP from itself.  Goldwater warned in 1968 that the GOP's alliance with the "religious right" was DOOMED and bound to destroy the party.

    Well, Mr. Boehner, the moment has arrived.  Allowing house Republicans to vote in this fashion would definitely save the party by giving the more sane faction an opportunity to detach itself from this cancerous 18%.

    Think about it.  A mere EIGHTY people have caused this shutdown, this impasse, this phony crisis, all because they refuse to accept the legal result of elections and of the actions of government that have, like it or not, resulted in the passing, signing, upholding, funding and execution (as of Oct 1) of the ACA and nothing this tiny faction has done or can ever do will stop that from happening.

    This tiny minority refuse to abide by the rule of law and have taken the federal services hostage.  This needs to stop now, or we will be in exactly the same place, again and again.

    I am relieved that Mr. Obama, this time, is not foolish enough to grant ANY concessions.  I was so ashamed and angry in 2011 when he caved to the hostage-taking.  Negotiations are OFF and should remain off the table until and unless the government is fully funded and there are NO further threats to take future hostages.

    I love your idea, I only hope Boehner has the good sense to take it up.  Regardless of how much money the wealthy throw at the Tea Party, it is just a small minority and a move such as what you suggest could and would ensure that the Tea Party remains a minority, despite money, SCOTUS, gerrymandering, e-vote/count, voter ID and every other conceivable means of gaining an unfair advantage in elections, because they represent a tiny, tiny population.  This would strip them of power once and for all.

    Mr. Boehner, the Tea Party are the school house bully.  It's time to take a big swing.

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