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View Diary: FEMA Scrambles to Recall Workers Sent Home By GOP Shutdown--To Protect Against Hurricane. (91 comments)

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  •  Leave them home (0+ / 0-)

    If the Republicans are bent on destroying the country, make an example.  Leave the FEMA prople home, they were furloughed.
    Most of the Congressmen in that district are Republicans, to include the TP.  When Sandy went through NJ, too many of them and their members demanded that the locals take care of themselves.  Your turn Bubba.
    Returning federal employees from a forced furlough has become a joke.  NASA has recalled personnel who were working on the Mars explorer.  The reason is when they return after the furlough, it may be too late to meet the launch window and the program will be delayed for a number of years until the planets align themselves again.  Put the launch date on the table and pressure the idiots to pass the CRA and the Debt Ceiling  Isn't this an expected outcome, or are the TP cherry picking so only ones to be harmed are the middle class and the poor.  Don't kid yourselves, Civil Servents are middle class, no one gets rich working for you.

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