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View Diary: Do Video Games Cause Mass Shootings and Gun Violence? A Conversation with Author Corey Mead (16 comments)

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  •  I responded to the were commnets he asserts (0+ / 0-)

    about this in the first paragraph, the only thing he is thinking of is agme called "America's Army" but has expended that to mean that other nations must do the same, too, without citing any such examples. I think this was done to counter the point that you bring up here, but I'll even expand upon it, not only do other nations, particurly other "advanced"nations or first world nations also have they games, as the major systems are in over 150 countries if not more, and PC gaming truly is global with being able to purchase and download games right from your home anywhere in the world, not to mention other violent content such as movies, TV , music, and literature, but many of these nations have their own violent content media that goes far beyond America, such as Japan, for example. Some are dubbed or subbed and make it over seas, but alot of them over the few decades haven't hence the need for import shops.

    Hell, with all the violent content in Japanese media, and this premise of  violence, even if narrowly focused on gun violence, in media, or particularly games causes either violence, which techinquely Chauncey might not be saying here, or militaristic actions and such simular sentiments, Japan would have already build a giant Empire of highly armed mechs, overthrown the American Occupency still enfocred in Japan, and started their totaled global domination, Gundam style.

    Never mind that Gundam, much like the plots of the Call of Duty games actually carry a very heavy anti-war message, but, no people including young adults, as Chauncey and Corey claim are too stupid to actully discern the messages in media, and only care about imagery... well, you get where I'm going with that.

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