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View Diary: What if the Miriam Carey Was Just Lost and Terrified? DC Lockdown (262 comments)

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    In this situation the officers didn't have the luxury of assessing the mental status of the person posing the threat. The indications are that this woman presented a threat to the lives of others, officers and bystanders alike, and they had to neutralize that threat. That she may have been a threat because of reacting to a tense situation is unfortunate, but it doesn't diminish the necessity to neutralize the threat before she injures someone else or kills someone.

    It is almost certainly a tragedy, even if this woman had malevolent intent, as her family and friends have lost their loved one, but the officers were doing their job protecting the lives of those in her path. It would have been a further tragedy had someone else been killed because the police weren't able to stop her.

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