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    bnasley, cotterperson

    From what I have seen this is what happens. Say you were a repugger when LBJ signed the civil rights act. You look out there and say "Wow there are a lot of folks upset about the civil rights act and I am gonna go out and get in FRONT and lead these folks. And while I am leading them I am gonna tell them each and every day just how bad the civil rights act is and why they should send me money and get people to vote for me."

    And then, of course, the civil rights act becomes law and people are forced to deal with it and they may still be mad, but they aren't insane about it, so you look for other things - say abortion - and you find some groups fomenting about that and you run and get in FRONT and lead these folks and tell them each and every day that YOU are on their side and they need to give you contributions etc.

    It is interesting to me, (using the equivalency meme here in its most truthful light) that we have had some successes along that line as well. We fund people who run against what we see is the anti woman agenda. I saw where the DCCC or some such pulled in over 800,000 bucks using the shut down as a lure for us angry folks.

    The problem is several fold but the biggest is that if you are invested in this way you may not want the dance to end and so no real effort will be made to solve whatever problem you have grabbed onto. I think that was true for NARAL to some extent. It was backing some really questionable folks at one point.

    But the biggest problem may be is that you have to invest in some really insane folks - like Michele Bachmann to keep the thing going and SHE may create scenes that cause real heartburn. I can remember one of the people looking to run against Sen. Reid started talking about using chickens to get health care. That was about the end of that string.

    Hi NSA. I am doing constitutionally protected stuff - like free speech. Too bad you are not!

    by glitterscale on Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 02:14:31 PM PDT

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