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View Diary: Ezra Klein: WH will not play Calvinball with GOP (85 comments)

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  •  Depends on How You Keep Score (18+ / 0-)

    There can only be agreed winners and losers if there is an agreed method of keeping score.

    Imagine a football game where one team counts first down and the other team counts field goals.  They could each keep patting themselves on the back about how they are winning all day long.  If you change it to a game which only ends when one side admits defeat the game will go on forever because each side is winning according to the way that side keeps score.

    In this case, the Tea Party isn't keeping score based on polls or harm to the country.  They are only keeping score based on what Rush and Faux News say about them and contributions from their Tea Party followers.  We can look at the polls and say this is a disaster for the Tea Party, but Ted Cruz, the worst junior senator since Joe McCarthy, is winning according to the way he keeps score.

    •  The score is Oogy to Boogy. (3+ / 0-)
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      Tod, hungrycoyote, AshesAllFallDown

      Hey, I just had Oogy!

      We don't want our country back, we want our country FORWARD. --Eclectablog

      by Samer on Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 05:46:02 PM PDT

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    •  Not sure at this point in time, (11+ / 0-)

      Ted Cruz thinks he's winning. In fact, seems to me he got out of dodge the moment he knew he couldn't win. Not just Democrats, but many republicans too, see him as a coward who lit a bonfire and then ran for the exit while everyone else is left to deal w/it.

      In this country there is a thin line between fame and infamy. And in a world where one just has to be a Kardashian to be famous, without a single known talent, fame ain't lookin' great either and further blurs the lines between what distinguishes us.

      But the news media LOVES infamy. Yes they do. It's exciting to them and in these days of cable news, gives them something to fill the hours with. It is interesting to think about how long it might have taken Cruz to become this infamous without cable news, with say like the old days, just 30 minutes of national news a night.

      It took Joseph McCarthy at least 3 years in the senate till he got any traction in the national eye. It took Cruz a couple of months.

      We have to remember that noise isn't truth.

      "A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues." Theodore Roosevelt.

      by StellaRay on Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 08:35:05 PM PDT

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      •  Very well said! In this day of 24/7 (3+ / 0-)
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        StellaRay, Tod, henlesloop

        news Cruz may have risen very quickly, but I think that only means he has farther to fall faster.

        “Mitt Romney is the only person in America who looked at the way this Congress is behaving and said, ‘I want the brains behind THAT operation.’ ” — Tom Perriello

        by hungrycoyote on Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 09:03:43 PM PDT

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      •  Cruz is Only in it for Cruz (3+ / 0-)
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        hungrycoyote, StellaRay, Don Enrique

        Republicans have been talking about "base elections" since early in the Bush years. The basic idea is that what "other people" think doesn't matter as long as "your people" are motivated to get out and vote. So, you play to your base and blow off everybody else.

        The strategy worked for a while, especially when combined with voter suppression and Democratic voters who aren't as consistent as they should be. The interesting thing is that the Republican base they play to keeps getting smaller and smaller, and keeps getting further out of step with everybody else.

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