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    Most guilds are only the raid teams, or only friends and family.  We're unusual. We're not a guild who raids, we're a guild for liberal democrats that contains some raiders.

    And many of the game mechanics are dumbed down, some people complain, but I prefer to think of them as streamlined.  There are still complexities in how abilities interact, and synergies.

    We tell people to play the class that they most enjoy, since that's the class you're most likely to excel at.  If you're looking to fill a need, best advice I can give is try out a hybrid class that can fill multiple roles.  

    So I'd advise you to try one of the classes that wasn't in BC, just for the variety.  Monks and Death Knights are awesome, and DKs get to start at level 55 and have their own zone, plus they get to BC content pretty quickly so you can see how things have changed.

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