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View Diary: 3 Wis Assembly GOPs gone, + Koch/Sportsmen scandal worsens (42 comments)

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  •  Really, American enterprise suckling at the (17+ / 0-)

    public teat is nothing new. We have a long tradition of our public corporations doling out free goods to be taken to market for a profit. That, after all, is how the transition of public assets into private wealth works.
    The only thing that's different is doing it through the medium of monetary contracts and grants. Money has the advantage of leaving no finger-prints and the disadvantage that, if the citizenry is attentive, it can be tracked.
    Who knew when and how Georgia Pacific acquired all those forest lands? But, everyone knows how much the Koch Brothers paid. See, there are advantages to having monetized the economy. It's just that the public at large isn't quite used to getting all the info.

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