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View Diary: Halloween Horror Movies 2013 - Day 18 - THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (17 comments)

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  •  I lived in a haunted house for about six months, (4+ / 0-)
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    cmcolin, niemann, duhban, Avila

    when I was maybe 2 or 3.

    Single most concrete occurrence, out of many that still get mentioned, is the attic window that would not stay closed. My father was concerned about it because it had no screen, no barrier, so if we kids were playing in the attic there could easily be a tragedy.

    Every time he came home from work, the window would be open. My mother would know nothing about it, we kids knew nothing.

    He finally came home one day, very agitated, asking about the window, and once again my mother (who had been home all day) knew nothing about it. It turned out he had nailed the window shut with large nails, and it was open again.

    As best I recall, none of us kids ever played in the attic. I remember it as being full of boxes, which everyone else denies. Of course, I remember the basement as being full of rubble, but no one else remembers that either, so who knows.

    All I know for sure is that my father never went into the attic again, and to this day refuses to talk about that window. I'm pretty sure we moved shortly after that incident.

    •  I lived in one when I was in graduate school ... (3+ / 0-)
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      cmcolin, duhban, Avila

      ... for 3 1/2 years in the mid-90's.  It wasn't scary, though.  There seemed to be a ghost there who was quite pleasant.

      It seemed to be a house where things would just pass through, coming and going.  Two friends who were sensitive to such things described their sense of it independently in similar terms:  One said the walls of the house seemed to blow like sheets on a clothes line.  The other said she felt it was like the walls were connected at the top, but not along the sides, allowing spirits to come in around the edges.

      Among other things, I sometimes smelled a cigar in the house.  Once a friend of a friend -- a nice, down-to-earth elderly woman who had worked (quietly) as a psychic for various government agencies -- came in to get a sense of the house.  We told her nothing about what we had been experiencing.

      She said, "Does someone here smoke a cigar?"  She said she felt there was an old man in the house who had lived there once and was just attached to it and not ready to leave.  She felt his wife was in the next world and that the barrier between the worlds was at the back of the house.  (Another friend had independently told me she felt there was an older man in the living room, and a barrier in the back.)  She said he played with my cat when I wasn't there.

      My neighbor was a 92-year-old woman who had lived in her house since the 20's.  I asked if she remembered an older couple who lived in the house, and a man who smoked a cigar.  She didn't remember a cigar, but said a nice couple named Norton lived there in the 30's.  I went back to my house and said, "Are you Mr. Norton?"  WHOOM!!  An overwhelming cigar smell immediately filled the room.

      One night I was relaxing in my living room and jokingly said, "Come on in and join me, Mr. Norton."  A while later my cat came in and put his front feet on my chair, asking if he could get up.  I mentally said, "You call him, Mr. Norton."

      A moment later my cat quickly turned his head and looked to the couch, just as if someone had called him.  Then he walked over to the couch, put his front feet up on it, and looked directly at what would have been the head level of someone sitting there.  Then he jumped up and curled up next to where that head's body would have been.  I was stunned.  That was not typical behavior for him (although it would have been completely typical if someone was really sitting there and had called him over).

      When I had to move out of that house, I really missed it, and the nice feeling Mr. Norton provided.  (There were a few creepy incidents in that house too, but overall it felt very good.)

    •  holy cats (1+ / 0-)
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      that must have been terrifying.  just reading about it gave me shivers.

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