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View Diary: Week one, still no access to for states with no exchanges. (271 comments)

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    I can imagine it's frustrating, but you've got a party in Congress right now that doesn't even want you to have the opportunity at all. Don't believe the "just delay it a year to work out the bugs" line. That might sound good to someone like you who thinks they need to overhaul the system, but a delay for the GOP is just a chance to figure out more ways to undermine it and eventually kill it.

    HHS knows it has problems. I've read their twitter feed.  Everyone can do the "should have" game, but at this point all they can do is try to fix what's wrong. They're not going to be given any money to start over.

    However, I will take just one brief moment of poetic license to think how great things "could have" been if more states had set up their own exchanges. Yes, individual state exchanges are having issues, but with the possible exception of CA and NY their challenges are always going to be more manageable.  

    If your life depends on this working, then it would seem best not to add to the chorus of naysayers whose criticisms may well be used to win concessions on the law. I would much rather encourage HHS and thank the staff for every incremental improvement rather than continuing to point out to them what they already know.

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