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    situations fit me to a T. They weirdest thing I ever did was I used to live in an apt. building with a doorman. He called up one night to say two friends of my roommate were there and wanted to come up. I told him to tell the guys J wasn't there. They still wanted to come up. So I panicked and said yes, although I didn't want to see them. I wasn't afraid and I didn't dislike them, it's just that my roomie wasn't there and he was their friend, not me, and I don't small talk, etc etc.

    So he let them up. They knocked on the door. I wouldn't answer. Even knowing they knew I was there because duh, I'd just said they could come up. I listened at the door while telling myself "you freaking nut, open the door! They know you're home! What is your problem? What is your plan here?!" Still didn't answer.

    I heard one of them say, "Who knows? She's so fucking weird" as they finally left.

    Yes. Yes I am.

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