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  •  That was an easy situation to be sociable in (6+ / 0-)

    For all sorts of reasons. Most important was that everyone was so friendly I never had to chance to feel uncomfortable. Plus I was excited to meet so many of the people I'd interacted with on this site. And of course I had the camera too.

    As for flirting well...if you WERE, why would that be a problem? You surely know Trapper well enough to know how he operates and how utterly not-jealous he is. And how much attention he gets.  And as Trapper likes to point out on occasion well...I look at my finger and don't notice a ring there. :)

    Not being jealous...a skill I have had to master during our relationship since I am by nature insecure and rather possessive. Just barely healthy enough to know that those are qualities that need to be at least modulated if not completely overcome, especially for a gay man who insists on living in the big gay metropolis of San Francisco.

    Another true confession: I am extremely reticent about letting someone know I find them attractive (not that it never happens, but it's relatively rare for me to be upfront about it, even in the most respectful of ways. I tried. I even took a class!). The internet was a lifesaver for me. I can type things I'd never, ever say out loud to someone. I have an absolute horror of being thought rude but on the internet nobody actually knows you (unless you've already met them in person of course).

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