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    When the central air in my house went out, I couldn't afford several thousand dollars for a new system and got a window unit that cools the kitchen and den, where I spend most of my time.  Air conditioning of some kind is important in Texas with many days above 100 degrees, but the window unit does just fine in this part of the house and my children are grown and gone.  The furry ones and I are cool and I sleep on the sofa in the den that is cool and also save on electricity costs.

    My oven went out and I make do with the microwave and a toaster oven.  I try to think of it as a game or reality show--how can I adapt and still be reasonably comfortable.  

    •  Get the house to temp, shut down A/C. (1+ / 0-)
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      Use a fan to keep cool. It saves a few bucks.

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