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  •  So you haven't read the Latro novels? (6+ / 0-)

    There were to be four, but the first two didn't sell (at least, not compared to The Book of the New Sun), so nos. 3 and 4 never were written, afaik.

    They're definitely not for everyone. I thought they were f'n brilliant helps to know something about Greek mythology, not to mention Athens at war. For example, Sparta is called Rope (I think I got that right anyway).

    Latro speaks Latin and Greek and possibly Persian. He is definitely from Italy/Roma, and he's in the Persian army (if memory serves: it's been a while) but angers a goddess and gets a head wound that means his long-term memory is shot. (This is a real brain injury, btw.) So every day he has to write down what happened or he can't remember: he has to read his scroll.

    Which of course means that when he's separated from his scroll or otherwise can't see it, his best friends are new strangers to him.

    But the cool part is, he's a hero in the classic sense once he gets that head wound, b/c he can see the gods, even though nobody else around him can. And he can converse with them. And maybe, if he can make it up with that goddess, he can have his memory restored.

    You see why I am sorry only half the story made it into print (afaik, anyway).

    I don't know whether the writing in the Latro novels is as good as The Wizard Knight only b/c Latro came next after the New Sun & Wolfe had twenty years or more subsequently to hone his craft.

    But Latro blew me away at the time.

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    by Youffraita on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 12:13:40 AM PDT

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