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    I have an account on and have logged on more than once.

    Yeah, it has its problems. You get sent to a "wait" page for a while. And when you get through, it seems something isn't quite right. The prices I've seen so far don't fit the subsidy estimate calculator at Kaiser (found here: KFF Subsidy Calculator). I'm seeing a notice I have info available about my "eligibility" or something like that but I can't get it. Yet. So I guess the prices I'm seeing so far are not subsidized?

    Dunno. The site is clearly overloaded and being worked on. Like any big system being brought online, it's got bugs. And... shrug?

    I mean, the insurance is for 2014. It won't start for some four months. Enrollment is open until March (six months). A "shakedown cruise" this far out is a good thing to do. If it takes a month to whip the thing into shape, that still leaves two months before 2014 gets started and five months of open enrollment left.

    Ah, I'm out of the wait queue and logged in right now. Still can't see my "eligibility results". Whatever those are?

    So I think I'm seeing unsubsidized prices. But at this point, I'm not sure. Also, not worried. Four days in, the website is flaky? Whoopee. Gosh, that only leaves almost six months to sign up!

    If these are the unsubsidized, full prices and my "eligibility" thingie would have something to say about that, the prices so far are pretty competitive. I'm in Texas (bleah) and 51 years old, their talking $268.85 to $414 for a "bronze" (that latter price is a bit high... BCBS seems to have some of the better prices but I rather expected that, they're the 900 pound gorilla of insurance in Texas).

    The prices I see are somewhat better than what I was quoted four or five years back for a "catastrophic" plan with a $10K deductible. Not that I could actually get the plan you understand, the insurance companies diagnosed me with disorders I did not know I had and said I was not insurable. Which was interesting given I see a doctor about every third year because I catch a flu or something similar. And that's... about it.

    I was told to go to the state high risk pool (so... we need private insurance companies for what again?) which wanted well over $400 a month for a bare minimum plan. And, as I said, this was a good five years back.

    So far, I'd rate Texas prices as "not bad, could be better". Still, they are down. Not up. Contrary to what the flood of Notsobrightbart trolls on the FB page are claiming.

    Silvers seem to run from about $380 to $540 depending on deductible which runs more or less around $3000 to low as $0 (as price goes up). Most interesting part being generics seem cheap. Several plans have a "no charge generic drugs" notation.

    Anyway, the trolls on the FB page are just lying. Highest plan for me in Texas is a "gold" from BCBS at $622.60 which I assume is the unsubsidized price. That gets you a $1,000 deductible and an out-of-pocket of $2,750. Compared to pre-ACA prices... not bad.

    Not as good as single payer to be sure but not the end of the world as we know it...

    Giving tax payer money to subsidize banks and Wallstreet: capitalism. Giving tax payer money to provide health care for the payers of the taxes: socialism.

    by mkbilbo on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 05:02:42 PM PDT

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      I can make an account, get the email to confirm, it confirms it, and then tells me to log in only to tell me each and every time that my profile doesn't exist.  Everyone who's tried that I know of has gotten the same result.  I'm hoping this work the web designers are doing after midnight each night this weekend fixes this.  I know I have a few months, but I'd like to see the choices so I can spend time deciding which one to go with.

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        I've been poking my head in since day one and it's definitely getting better over time. Slowly but it runs better now than the 1st definitely.

        Given so many states refused to set up a state level exchange, the federal one is overburdened. Also, when Sibelius asked for additional implementation money (as she did see issues coming with having to bring up a system for over half the states)... well... I'll leave it to your imagination what the House said.

        (Typical Teahadists, they undermine something then scream at Obama when it falls.)

        Honestly? As a computer geekoid type person? I say November. Right now, the site is being hit by tons of sight seers, news media trying to do "stories", and Twit Party types who think they're doing "research" because they can click a mouse button.

        It's actually a pretty decent shakedown. The reich wingers probably think they're doing damage. Truth is, they're doing free beta testing for Sibelius.


        Giving tax payer money to subsidize banks and Wallstreet: capitalism. Giving tax payer money to provide health care for the payers of the taxes: socialism.

        by mkbilbo on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 05:33:11 PM PDT

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