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View Diary: Maybe Ted Cruz has his own 11 dimension chess game (37 comments)

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    The one pattern, the one end game, which fits all these activities is if Cruz is trying to establish a true third party, with himself as the head of the party. As the creator of a new party, he would have virtually unchecked power within his own domain, and he would go down in history as a significant political force behind a new party which could be initially a power broker between the other two parties, and perhaps eventually elect a president.
    I think it's more likely that the remains of the Republican party would act as a power broker between the Democrats and the Tea Party. I can't see the Tea Party acting in anything but a completely irrational manner (based on their behavior and disregard for reality thus far).

    And in practical terms, I think it's more likely that Cruz wants the Tea Party to just take over the GOP, which, if successful, would either force the non-radical Republicans to either become Independents and then choose who to caucus with, or just decide to get out of the game while the getting is good.

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    by LibrErica on Fri Oct 18, 2013 at 09:49:59 AM PDT

    •  I considered that also (0+ / 0-)

      I don't know either, but I thought it would be unlikely that Cruz could successfully take over the Republican party.  We've been hearing reports that major donors and business interests are shying away from donating as a result of the Cruz-lead shutdown efforts.  

      Also, if he wanted to take over the Republican party, I would think he would try to curry just a little favor with the current Republican power brokers in Congress, but he has shown zero efforts in that direction.  

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