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View Diary: Analysis of Modelling the Australian Federal Election (11 comments)

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    Nobody even knows what the new governments policies will be, we just know that they're going to hurt.

    Man I wish there was something like Daily Kos in Australia. I guess there would have to be a pretty big Greens v Labor pie fight to even attempt starting something like it.

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      naka, ehstronghold, myrmecia gulosa

      You know I think that would be interesting. The Labor/Green split amongst progressive votes is statistically real but there isn't a huge amount of venom there between actual voters. I guess the internet is a different place though!

      •  Might not be a problem (1+ / 0-)
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        myrmecia gulosa

        I suppose in the US there isn't much room in terms of voting for a third party, but with the Aus electoral system - Greens, Labor and others could potentially work side by side.

        If I had the writing ability, credibility and political knowledge I'd start one myself. Thanks to places like this I probably know more about US politics than the local stuff, heh.

    •  Well, we do know one thing... (1+ / 0-)
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      Nobody even knows what the new governments policies will be, we just know that they're going to hurt.
      We do know they'll be reversing the trend away from painful austerity for austerity's sake. You know, the one that kept Australia from being bent over and fucked to the same extent that the rest of us have been. So there's that at least.

      After all, seems quite unfair that the rest of the world is destroying itself without Australia jumping on board the express elevator to hell too, right?

      •  Yes, that much is clear (0+ / 0-)

        But there isn't a lot of detail on how exactly that will occur (well, there's some - such as planned infrastructure that they announced would be canceled, and a few other things...)

        If the economy has to crash, I suppose it is better that it happens during Abbott's watch. Too bad they never ran an Abbott/Costello ticket, at least that would have been good for laughs.

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