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  •  If he mints that coin... (1+ / 0-)
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    He will have created a precedent for the presidency spending money in an extra-legal way, without congressional approval.  That's worked out so well, for going to War, even on a limited basis, no?  Note that he's also created some precedent on THAT front....

    If he even can mint that coin.  He says he cannot, his legal mentor says he cannot, I don't think he's even considering it.

    I would further add that budgeting is the central requirement for a country's government.  If a country cannot budget it cannot exist.  Relying on Daddy Obama to swoop in (or Daddy Bush or Daddy Cruz or Mommy Clinton or whoever) is not going to work long term, and it's not clear to me that we want that anyway.

    Or we could just elect monarchs.  How's His Highness Ted Cruz the First strike you?

    If we want this country to exist, we had better elect lawmakers who can govern.  Simple as that.  If we can't, there won't be a country.  You probably know that, I know that, but a lot of people in this country don't seem to have received the message.  

    They are probably about to get that message, loud and clear.

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