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  •  Accurate assignment of blame is crucial to sanity. (0+ / 0-)

    If a driver intentionally veers into oncoming traffic, it is an act of fraud upon the public to report it as a car accident because there was nothing accidental about the incident. And it is even worse to bemoan the event in a tone that implies that the problem with the head-on collision is the fault of the car.

    Yet that is the level of sanity shown here. Blame the gun for the creation of the widow, sure sure. If the guy had hung himself would the blame have been placed on the rope? No way, it's just not sane to blame the inanimate object rope for what the guy did. But it's okay to blame the gun.

    And then fall on the fainting couch and hyperventilate about the nearness of an intentional suicide.

    Seriously, the liberals of today are spineless. Where are the liberals of yesteryear, when they had the spine to lead a nation in protest against the vietnam war? Where is the offspring of those who had enough steel in their hearts to stand toe to toe outside the pentagon?

    Where are the liberals like this picture of Jan K? Why have they all been replaced with fearful shadows of people who tremble at the sight of an authority figure?

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