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  •  Now, a lot of Repubs are fueling the 'reasonable' (3+ / 0-)
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    aaraujo, a2nite, Jerry056

    Republican meme, which in turn fuels the GOP civil war meme.

    No. The moderates last night PWNED Pelosi's discharge petition attempt and then tweeted the lulz about it.

    They were positively giddy. Now, their behavior might not be as dangerous as the zealots ...except it is.

    These moderates are like...the popular clique back in high school.

    "Like I'd associate with YOU losers. As if.."

    That's what the so-called moderate Republicans did to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats last night.

    They'd rather do mean girls and high-five one another than help save America.

    And thus they become literal cheerleaders for terrorism.

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