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    jayden, 3goldens

    The House has now voted 407-0 that once the shutdown is lifted, all the furloughed federal workers (and presumably those who are working without pay) will get their back pay.

    That means, under that 1860-whatever law, that Congress has just approved spending that money. (I'm assuming the bill goes through the Senate too.)

    Question: Why can't the President now order all those people to return to work? If they're going to get paid anyway, per Congressional authorization, why can't they be back at their jobs doing the people's business?

    That doesn't solve the rest of the problem -- Federal payments to contractors and state/local governments and non-profits like Head Start -- but it would enable the government to function again. And it would ease up some of the collateral damage, for example, on motels and merchants near National Parks.

    It also shows what a total farce the "shutdown" is. It's really "shutdown theater." Except for all the real people who are really hurting, of course.

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