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    The President negotiated, gave concession after concession, made stupid deals based on horrific advice, cut into the recovery to prove his deficit hawkishness, put CCPI on the table, and went on a charm offensive like the media wanted.  None of it did a single thing to move Republicans, moderates or Tea Partiers.
    That charm offensive was only around 9 months ago.  After the 2012 election, Obama went back to his "I love Republican ideas" meme and wooed GOP leaders by inviting them to the WH on many occasions.  Ted Cruz didn't attend (as far as I know), but it wouldn't surprise me if Obama extended him an invitation, all in the name of bipartisanship.  

    And don't forget Obama spent most of 2011 wooing John Boehner trying to get a "grand bargain".  He didn't seem to care that the jobs market was extremely weak and he didn't care about the Wisconsin protests either.  

    The Dems should make taking back the House and keeping the Senate their top priority, and not more "bipartisanship".  They did have supermajorities in 2010.  I guess they didn't like it very much at the time.  Governing's hard work.  

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