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View Diary: Did they Have to Kill Her? (117 comments)

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  •  Yes, both are heart breaking cases... (5+ / 0-)

    ...and hopefully they can be honored with lessons learned and changes implemented.

    It's been long overdue for the police everywhere to modify their procedures and training so they're equipped to handle the mentally and/pr physically impaired. Payin fines is irrelevant - courts should require that the police report to the public remedial action and track its implementation.

    The goalposts do seem to have shifted and should be fixed immediately. Suspects should be taken alive - even is they present a threat. That's the key measure of success. A dead suspect is a police failure.

    Police and emergency personnel are compensated for the heightened risks they face every day with wages and retirement plans befitting their jobs. Those risks are theirs, however, and not to be shifted to the public.

    The women in DC was being treated for a disease known to possibly, temporarily cause irrational behavior she would never otherwise consider. How many prisoners have been unjustifiably jailed for similar conditions left untreated altogether?

    Being responsible requires learning lessons once, not over and over, and chains of accountability.

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