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View Diary: Did they Have to Kill Her? (117 comments)

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  •  She may have been lost and panicked (2+ / 0-)
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    churchylafemme, lyvwyr101

    We don't know and annonynous authorities are spinning tales of "white powder" found in a letter to her boyfriend at her apartment and pushing rumors that are uncorroborated about delusional episodes in the past.  

    Eyewitness at the back entrance to a White House parking g lot say she pulled into a driveway and tried to immediately turn around and leave possibly even before an apparently of duty plain clothes person carrying a lunch cooler began beating on her car with his hand.  She was said to have slowed down then, turning to avoid someone - possibly the same plain clothes unidentified  person - who was moving a portable metal barrier to block her exit.  

    At the point who can say what was in her mind?  It was NOT apparently however trying to get into see Obama.  From where she was the White House wasn't visible.  Pennsylvania avenue was where she went next - was this where she came from?  If so the street funneled her in there in some regards.  ABC news reported that many tourists make the same error.

    •  Come on thats silly (2+ / 0-)
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      Johnny Nucleo, rlb

      If you are lost you ask a cop not run from/run over one.

      If you act like that in a car you MUST be stopped before you kill someone. Too bad you don't like the outcome, I don't either.

      •  What's silly about no CCTV or dash cam? (2+ / 0-)
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        lyvwyr101, Vet63

        The "barrier" she "rammed" was placed in her path as she was moving already.  The person who initially accosted her was plain clothes off duty and carrying a cooler.  The police car she hit was behind her and she backed into it as seen on news video.  Look at the pictures of the car where she was shot to death- the front is undamaged.  Is that the car of someone who did what they are saying she did or do we detect a little spin going on?  

        I'm not nominating this woman for mayor or sainthood I'm just saying it might be wise to look deeper into what started her desperate actions of escape.  

      •  message (0+ / 0-)

        If you don't speak out, nothing changes. She is dead.
        Have a better plan for the next crazy person. Killing should
        be the last choice not the first.
        Thanks for writing!

    •  message (0+ / 0-)

      She was confused. Come on now! at no time no one had  ANY idea how to stop her other than killing? I know police
      make fast  choices but the car at one point was stopped,
      surrounded by cops, that was the moment to do something.
      Thanks for writing!

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