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  •  It is more than nobody wants to (17+ / 0-)

    actually do it. Anything Areva or anybody else in the nuclear game who isn't in and from Japan (which has quite a lot of nuclear expertise NOT doing anything about Fukushima) could propose would languish for years in Japan's notably insular 'system', until there's no point anymore.

    They could cut off the entire facility uphill and install a cofferdam that would divert the groundwater around the facility. It needn't be that difficult ice thing, some decently thick metal would do the job. But Japan's now got some Olympics to prepare for, they don't want to spend the (considerable) money even if the world's players were willing to build it.

    They could create the Mother Of All Seawalls out beyond the farthest groundwater sink, and enclose that whole section of coastline. That big a lagoon would hold the vast bulk of heavy elements quite well, with only the lighter ones exchanging near the top with the open ocean. There's nothing anybody can do about something like tritium, but for most of everything else it could at least be contained. They won't do that either, even if the whole rest of the world were willing to finance and build it. It would probably extend beyond 3 miles offshore, but unless Japan is willing to surrender its northeastern shoreline, it won't be built.

    Then there's the fact that the entire rest of the nuclear world is currently suffering the deliberately prolonged serious effects of the Great Financial Swindle of '08. Our government isn't even open right now. Nothing emergent will be done about Fukushima, no matter what.

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