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    I really did keep hoping somebody would do something, kept up with the news over these last few months since Abe publicly made his appeal for international help, hoping he was being sincere. That's what I get for hoping, I guess.

    Both the cofferdam and the Mother Of All Seawalls ideas have been floated by nuclear know-it-alls and engineers with far more expertise than I've got in those areas. They both sound doable to me. A coordinated multi-national effort could even drop all those plants - and their SFPs - into their own footprints and effectively prevent cladding fires by immediately dumping multi-tonnage of boron, galena ore, zeolite and sand to bury it before it burns to atmosphere. Then go ahead with the seawall and start on the lead pyramid my grandson says they should erect on top of the whole gawd-awful mess.

    Reports are that the coriums are now most likely sitting in groundwater (in or below the basements). There's no reason to keep pumping more water in and then out again. Reminds me a lot of the mystery patient when Yossarian was in the hospital in Catch-22, when the nurses would just switch the fluid bags a couple of times a day - in and out, he wasn't convinced there was anything actually in that vaguely human-shaped mess of bandages!

    No need to even continue with nitrogen injection down the blow-holes, which isn't cooling anything but might prevent more hydrogen explosions. They stopped injecting nitrogen early this past week, so they know it too.

    Time ticks forward, and nothing gets planned and nothing gets done. TEPCO's still taking weekends off, for pity's sake! I think they're going to fantasy themselves all the way to hell, and then the world nuclear power structures are just going to cluck about it and shrug, try to sell some more of 'em.

    Being a die-hard, I'll keep on hoping. I do not expect that it will be rewarded in real life.

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