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    Foreign Devil

    No, you've been cherrypicking conspiracy theories from professional liars who make a profit selling hysteria (see "Gunderson, Arnie"). Same with all the other bedwetter cranks calling me "apologist" just because I actually understand the facts and physics.

    Why do y'all act like that? For the same reason the Birthers spout their conspiracy theories. Yes, you're so much smarter than all the sheeple, you're a member of the special in-crowd that has the secret knowledge which is being supressed by TheMan, yaddayaddayadda -- that must give you a terrific ego boost, knowing you're one of the few morally superior ones who knows the RealTruth.

    Being a member of the rational-American community, I am obligated to shoot down falsehoods wherever I see them. I don't give anyone a free pass on bullshit just because they're on the left, therefore I go after both Birthers and anti-nuclear hysterics.

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      Dianna, Sandino

      First you call me a liar, then claim you are "obligated" to SHOOT down falsehoods? That's uncomfortably close to coming across as a threat, given the fact that I've had to dodge some nuclear bullets in my time. So put a sock in it.

      There is no conspiracy theory here, I am reporting on the current situation at Daichi as it is per the press. This is being classified by the IAEA as a whole 'new' nuclear event which has earned a 3 on the 1-to-7 international scale and will likely go higher as contamination continues to increase while nothing is being done about it. I am not the least bit impressed with your horsehockey appeal to your own completely un-demonstrated authority.

      Oh... and by the way, I mentioned Arnie Gundersen not once in my diary or any of my comments up to this one. Go be an Arnie-hater somewhere else, where your vitriol might garner some appreciation. I hear Rod Adams has a website, probably just your speed.

      I realize that a user with no diaries and just 17 comments in eight and a half years may not be cognizant of the 'rules' in this forum. Ad hominem is not acceptable behavior and will earn you more than the 8 HRs you've already collected in my diary's comments. DBAD - Don't Be A Dick.

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