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    Dianna, Sandino

    First you call me a liar, then claim you are "obligated" to SHOOT down falsehoods? That's uncomfortably close to coming across as a threat, given the fact that I've had to dodge some nuclear bullets in my time. So put a sock in it.

    There is no conspiracy theory here, I am reporting on the current situation at Daichi as it is per the press. This is being classified by the IAEA as a whole 'new' nuclear event which has earned a 3 on the 1-to-7 international scale and will likely go higher as contamination continues to increase while nothing is being done about it. I am not the least bit impressed with your horsehockey appeal to your own completely un-demonstrated authority.

    Oh... and by the way, I mentioned Arnie Gundersen not once in my diary or any of my comments up to this one. Go be an Arnie-hater somewhere else, where your vitriol might garner some appreciation. I hear Rod Adams has a website, probably just your speed.

    I realize that a user with no diaries and just 17 comments in eight and a half years may not be cognizant of the 'rules' in this forum. Ad hominem is not acceptable behavior and will earn you more than the 8 HRs you've already collected in my diary's comments. DBAD - Don't Be A Dick.

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