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    So BWRs have no containment domes???
    Yes, BWRs have no containment domes. They have that upside-down light bulb inside a great big rectangular building that also holds the equipment and spent fuel pools, fueling crane, big equipment lifts to basement level tunnels connecting to the common spent fuel pool across the 'street', lots of various pumps, pipes and other plant peripherals, and the torus in the basement.
    where is the suppression pool heat exchanger located at?
    There is no suppression pool heat exchanger. Its job is to take scram surge overflow water - which by the time it's in the bottom of the containment bulb to go through the conduits to the torus, is less than 200ºF - not even boiling. The torus is ~half full of tepid water that cools the overflow even more via basic dilution. When the reactor's ready for decay stabilization flow or restart the water pumped back to the reactor (or previously to the RCS reserve tanks) from the torus is still plain old RCS water.
    page 22 clearly shows the leak from the torus room through the secondary containment to the turbine building.
    Garbage. That's an ANS fluff piece extolling their not-so brilliant 'plans' to clean up the mess at Daiichi, assuming that in at least one plant (#2) the torus is breached and the peripheral enclosure flooded. So they've proposed drilling through the wall and installing pipes and pumps that would take that floodwater up to their proposed new Areva-style resin purification plant (that will replace the steam plant no longer needed forevermore).

    You don't even read these links, do you?

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