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  •  I used to have a major FP (19+ / 0-)

    with Little Wink. Every night, he'd fight going to sleep, and I would have to nurse him to sleep which worked until about two months ago. He'd wake up when I laid him down, and he'd scream and I'd go back in to soothe him. This happened every night at 6:30 when I'd start his bedtime routine. A bath, a story, a rocking with a lullabye, and then nursing him. It was so stressful having him cry even when another nursing session on top of his bedtime feed didn't work, and neither did the rocking or singing. I talked with another mom, and she asked how long Little Wink would cry until I'd go back in to get him. I said ten minutes, and then another fifteen minute check-in, and he still would cry after the final check-in with lots of soothing.

    She suggested that I cut out the check-ins since it was possible that he knew that I'd go in once he started to cry since he didn't want to go to sleep. So I cut out the check-ins for the past week. Last night, Little Wink went to bed at 7pm. He rolled over, and instead of bursting out into tears, he went to sleep. Tonight, he did the same thing again.

    And I feel so relieved.

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