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  •  Did kitty give you the Baleful Glare? (15+ / 0-)

    My kitties are all gone now, but how well I remember how, after doing something unspeakable to them (like putting on a flea collar, or flea powder), when they finally deigned to come back into the room I was in, they would march up to me and make a point of giving me the Baleful Glare.  A little later, after restoring their dignity somewhat with a show of Emphatic Grooming, as they began positioning themselves to rest, the Glare would reduce to the Reproachful Gaze, still very pointed but 'more in sorrow than in anger'.  With each eye contact, I was allowed the opportunity to apologize and tell them what a mean mom I was, how much I regretted subjecting them to the unfortunate necessity of the foregoing indignity.  Only after they had slept -- and after a treat had been given, usually tuna or soft food -- would they begin to return to our normal relationships.

    This makes it sound as though I had a tribe of cats, all acting in unison, which is inaccurate.  I am describing three different cats, whose lives overlapped, and who (altogether) were with me over a period of thirty years.

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