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View Diary: Halloween Horror Movies 2013 - Day 28 - ALIEN (106 comments)

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  •  Alien and its sequels (9+ / 0-)

    A lot of movies are both science fiction and horror.  The two terms are not mutually exclusive.

    Alien established a definite life cycle for its eponymous monster, which was carried over into the sequel Aliens.  So far, so good.  Unfortunately, when they decided to make Alien 3, I guess they thought it would be too boring to stick with that, so all sorts of extraneous features were added to the Aliens’ toolkit.  Since the life cycle was already complete, we could not figure out where these new features fit in.  Furthermore, we began to get the sense that the Aliens were capable of doing anything.  Once that happens, the intellect shuts down.  It is one of the problems inherent in some supernatural horror films:  when everything becomes possible, we no longer care.  I just saw Prometheus, and this tendency to add new facets to the Aliens’ ability to reproduce has unfortunately been continued.

    But the original movie remains a classic, a masterpiece of science-fiction horror.

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