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View Diary: Pictorial Response to Today's NYTimes Koch Brothers Exposé w/IRS Research Instructions ADDED (201 comments)

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    However, most citizens fear discomfort.

    We have to return to a Village Society instead of entire towns whose residents are swallowed by electronic garage doors.

    I like the "Slow Down" protest.

    All workers could resist/not cooperate by slowing their pace until fairness is returned to the entire system.

    I also like Sufficiency Capitalism (google it)

    2014 and 2016

    The pundits have indicated that it would take a


    to win back the House and keep the Senate

    because history has proven, with only a couple of exceptions, that

    The Party not holding the Executive, wins the primary election.

    The Kochs will run crazy, not so crazy, moderate, and even Blue Dogs.

    How can we keep this

    It's difficult to be happy knowing so many suffer. We must unite.

    by War on Error on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 12:17:32 PM PDT

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