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  •  It seems to me ... and I could be wrong ... (1+ / 0-)
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    But I have the impression that there have been a lot of students on  Notre Dame's football teams who self-identify as "Irish" ... and who over the decades have adopted the Leprechaun mascot and the "Fighting" moniker -- THEMSELVES.

    Wikipedia offers a number of explanations for the sobriquet ... but key to all of them is that one can hardly claim that  "Irish" were not a significant portion of the University's staff and student body.

    Such is NOT the case for ANY of the colleges, universities and tobacco products who have appropriated Native American images for their own use.  (Oh, they've probably got PLENTY of "Irish" ... just not a lot of Lakota or Iroquois tribal members. )

    (This might be a little nuanced for some . .. but from the end of the Black Hills War until well into the 20th century, it was the custom of Whitemen  ... particularly those living in former Indian territories ... to acquire and display Native artifacts in their homes as well as their art galleries and museums.  To an anthropologist  was symbolic "trophy taking behavior, " designed to  acquire the magic, strengths and virtues of a defeated enemy.  

    An analytical  psychologist might offer observation that the desire to take trophies lies in part in the suspicion that the trophy taker himself LACKS those characteristics ... and that the taking of the trophies also  serves the purpose of reassuring the taker  that a feared enemy had indeed been defeated and need be feared no more.)

    Now ... had one of the traditionally Native American colleges fielded a lacrosse team ... and had that team elected to call themselves a name evoking Native history or symbolism -- that' would be whole different situation.

    Wouldn't' it ??

    •  See Thorstein Veblen (0+ / 0-)

      The Theory of the Leisure Class, or in our terms today, the 1%.

      In such a predatory group of hunters it comes to be the able-bodied men's office to fight and hunt. The women do what other work there is to do -- other members who are unfit for man's work being for this purpose classed with women. But the men's hunting and fighting are both of the same general character. Both are of a predatory nature; the warrior and the hunter alike reap where they have not strewn. Their aggressive assertion of force and sagacity differs obviously from the women's assiduous and uneventful shaping of materials; it is not to be accounted productive labour but rather an acquisition of substance by seizure. Such being the barbarian man's work, in its best development and widest divergence from women's work, any effort that does not involve an assertion of prowess comes to be unworthy of the man. As the tradition gains consistency, the common sense of the community erects it into a canon of conduct; so that no employment and no acquisition is morally possible to the self respecting man at this cultural stage, except such as proceeds on the basis of prowess -- force or fraud.
      Nearly the entire history of the relations between the White man and Native Americans consists of force and fraud. Quaker leader William Penn is the only exception that comes readily to my mind, though there must have been a few others.

      According to what Veblen tells us, women and slaves (including wage slaves in our time) are the Makers, and all honor is given to the Takers. Thus trophies in sport and war alike, including the misappropriation and distortion of the names and images of the victims, and thus the deliberate inversion of the class names by Romney and his ilk.

      Ceterem censeo, gerrymandra delenda est

      by Mokurai on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 09:42:29 AM PDT

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