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View Diary: ACA: Understanding the details: Deducing the deductible; something you DO need to think about (65 comments)

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    I was looking at a plan that paid for certain preventative care (including cancer screening) with no upfront deductible.

    This is exactly like my current employer-sponsored high deductible plan.

     Obviously, if you have to pay $5k to be able to get a $250ish "well woman" pelvic and breast exams  and pap annually, many women may opt to skip them. But these exams detect many cancers early when, quite frankly, they're quite inexpensive to treat.

    Insurance companies have done the risk management analysis and know that it's cheaper to waive deductible on some preventative care. And bonus! It's the moral thing to do too!

    The diarist needs to update (correct) the diary. This is an important point. People need to understand their policies and get the care they're entitled to.

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    by grover on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 11:04:17 PM PDT

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      wmspringer, elfling

      I believe I mentioned in the original post that deductibles don't matter in the case of the free preventive care that is part of ALL plans on the Exchanges - and now for all types of health insurance with some exceptions for certain grandfathered plans.

      I could have expanded on what was included in the free preventive care, and it merits a separate edition of this series all on its own.

      The insurance companies (as a group) certainly did not do a risk management or or moral analysis to arrive at the conclusion that a free Pap smear (for instance) was cheaper and the right thing to do.  Some, of course, did but enough of them did not so that it had to be mandated by the ACA.  

      This sort of thing is one of the category of benefits ordained by the ACA that will affect almost everybody with health insurance - not just those who use the Exchanges. When the RW idiots scream for elimination or delay of the ACA, they're also demanding that these  benefits be eleminated as well.


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