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View Diary: After saying 'dang straight' he'd keep his pay, Rep. Lee Terry climbs down from Mount Schmuckface (79 comments)

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  •  Obama won Terry's congressional district (1+ / 0-)
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    Gentle Giant

    electoral vote in 2008, so one would think that Mr. Terry might feel some compulsion to moderate his comments. But 2010 gerrymandered redistricting changed that outcome 2012, so your assessment is likely true - he probably will be alright (unless thousands of furloughed federal workers in his district make enough noise.)

    I recall a more desperate Lee Terry in 2008, with the real threat of an Obama win in the 2nd CD, campaigning by appealing to Obama voters to support him, saying he'd “try to find the areas we can actually work with — whether that’s small overlapping on your Venn diagram, or large, that’s where I’ll work.”  

    Of course the nascent Tea Party made sure there was no overlapping on Terry's Venn diagram with the President. And now Terry has made it clear that there is no overlapping of his self-interest with the interest of the United States of America, either.

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