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View Diary: Too much tempest in tea party agenda for some less extreme Republicans. Justin Amash a target (64 comments)

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  •  Still very good news, IMO. (1+ / 0-)
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    Democrats can revel in this internal battling. But turning tea party-controlled districts back over to establishment Republicans in the Reagan mold is a far cry from the needed change that produces a progressive majority. We have some battles to win in our own party to make that happen.
    Granted, but the establishment candidates may at least be rational and practicality-minded, with an eye on what can realistically be accomplished with some old-fashioned wheeling and dealing and give and take (people often decry it, but the fact is our government is built on compromises), as opposed to take-no-prisoners ideologues who would sooner burn the country to the ground than compromise with "the other guys".

    Yeah, a Democrat would be preferable, but if it's a choice between a wild-eyed Tea Partier or a cold-eyed but rational businessperson, I'll take the latter anyday.

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