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View Diary: Texas Matters: Wendy's in. So how can you help? (Plus: Introducing a new group!) (52 comments)

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    While at the Houston area Democratic Party Headquarters this afternoon I made phone calls on behalf of an event for a Houston area state Senator.  

    The volunteer college intern said he hated phone banking.  And so he did other important stuff with spreadsheets.  

    Another volunteer refused to make phone calls.  But she answered phones, informed callers about voter registration deadlines and sent mail in ballot apps to seniors.  When the phones were quiet, she organized the front office.  

    We all have a role to play.

    I crammed the trunk of my car with I Stand with Wendy yard signs.  My women friends and neighbors are clamoring for Wendy signs.

    It won't be easy by any stretch.  But we can do this.

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