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  •  g'day all; amazing thing for today is Columbia, SC (9+ / 0-)

    police chief started a FB page for citizens to post things about the local cops.  One guy posted a response to a weed bust along the lines of "yeh, you guys can go bust some potheads who are completely peaceful while you are ignoring the thugs at Five Points who are robbing and shooting people"

    The Police Chief (interim) posted a response along the lines (I am paraphrasing from memory): "Only someone using marijuana would criticize a drug bust which is the state law.  Since you are so adamant on the subject, maybe we should be investigating you much more closely to see what you are up to"

    I think the cop's name is Santiago but I am reminded during the GWB years, the same town had a guy arrested under federal terrorist statutes for having an anti-GWB sign outside of the official "free speech zone" which was about a mile from the airport where GWB was arriving.  Therefore, it appears nothing has changed regarding free speech in the state.  

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