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  •  gobsmacked on reports today Ah-nuld (yes that guy) (13+ / 0-)

    is now gearing up for a POTUS run, evidently with TP support since he did such a great job governing CA.  Now there is the small problem of his being a naturalized citizen so he should be barred from running the same as Alexander Hamilton was.

    However, a small thing like a Constitution has never stopped the GOP before.  Ahnuld has a dual attack on placing his name in play for 2016, since he judges no real candidate will emerge to face the Democrats in such a short time.

    Attack prong #1 is to attack the Constitution as unconstitutional or ask the SCOTUS to declare those provisions setting out the qualifications of office as being unconstitutional.  Given the amount of precedent and case law behind the prohibition of a naturalized citizen being POTUS, this would seem an extreme long shot but with out present SCOTUS, maybe he has a shot.

    Second attack is to change the Constitution.  Now the GOP has never seen a crackbrained scheme it could resist and this one is no exception.  Given the difficulties of amending the Constitution, it would seem to an average person that such a major amendment would require more than 2 years to accomplish.

    However, be warned: right now, in addition to the same slate as 2012, expect Cruz and Ahnuld to throw their hats in the ring.

    On other matters, the family of the teen accused of raping a 14 year old after he got her drunk, his family is now complaining that he is having a rough time of it.  While his mother is very critical of the girl's family and what they have put her family through, she shows very little empathy for her son's victim who has survived two suicide attempts:        

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