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View Diary: If elections were today, Nancy Pelosi would get her gavel back (142 comments)

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  •  I just phoned my representatives and senators (2+ / 0-)
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    Both Senators offices are closed, no staffers but I was able to leave voice mail. Both are democrats. I thanked them for standing firm against the tea party extortion attempt.

    Congressional offices had staffers answering phones. I spoke to democratic staffers for congresspeople, thanked the democratic congresspeople for their support and asked them to stand firm against the extortion attempt. I thanked the staffers for working without pay.

    I spoke to the republican's staffer, said I was strongly against the congressman's stand in league with the tea party and would do everything in my power to help his next challenger win election. I protested the tea party attempt to extort democrats.

    I mentioned to everyone that I am personally impacted by the government shutdown, and though I am suffering personally from the shutdown I still strongly support standing up to this extortion attempt, because if democrats bend to it we will lose our democracy.

    Can I ask every one reading here to phone their elected reps, if you haven't already phoned in? It's important to register our opinions, because you gotta know that the RWers are burning up the phone lines with alternate opinions. Counterweight may be needed. Let your elected democrats know they have your support and gratitude. Let your elected totpers know they have your undying enmity for what they've done. But please be nice to the staffers, remember they are working without pay.

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