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View Diary: President Obama holds press conference on shutdown, debt limit #2 (292 comments)

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  •  2014 (4+ / 0-)

    The banality of evil is according to Hannah Arendt the problem with much of the world. When people stand around and allow a small group to wreck such havoc on human lives.   So, now the TPer's and the mods go back to their districts which are now in financial ruin to campaign on "how I ruined the government, Obama and the economy too in a month".  Somehow that doesn't really resonate well especially in the mods' districts in Pennsylvania, New York and beyond.  

    Funny how we always find Republican Finger prints on economic melt downs over the last  decade.  The last time,  it was a Republcian President.  Now , its the  turn of the Republcan led House of Representatives to cause financial melt-down and try to ruin a sitting President of the opposing political party. if we were sitting in a Central American country or in South America this would we be calling this a coup.  

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