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View Diary: I Think I Know What the President Will Do If Congress Fails to Raise the Debt Limit (74 comments)

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    anna shane

    Ok, let's play out the scenario that Obama unilaterally invokes the 14th Amendment BEFORE the current debt limit is reached.

    Immediately, he or the Congress ask the Supreme Court to rule on the President's ability to do so.

    So, there's Scalia with Boehner discussing it.

    Scalia: If we rule that the President does NOT have the authority to do this, will you (Boehner) assure me that you will immediately allow a vote in the Congress to increase the debt limit (a clear CR)?

    If Boehner says "Absolutely NOT!" it puts Scalia in the position of having to rule for the President which he presumably would not want to do because he's a dick.

    On the other hand if Boehner says "Yes!" then the court is able to rule against the President but after Boehner allows a clean CR to pass, it destroys the Republican Party, an outcome Scalia would clearly not want to see happen.

    Thus it puts Scalia in a no-win situation.  Instead of constantly bloviating about original intent and all that crap and being an all around jerk, he would actually have to do something important with his own legacy determined by the outcome.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Of course this assumes that Scalia is rational.

    Someday soon Republicans are going to drown Grover Norquist - in a bathtub.

    by nuketeacher on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 02:54:31 PM PDT

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