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View Diary: If GOP Forces a Default, Americans' Wealth Could Be Cut in Half (151 comments)

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  •  On the bright side. This might sharpen the (8+ / 0-)

    memory of the electorate around November of next year. Having your wealth cut in half is not something that you forget very quickly.

    If there is no accountability for those who authorized torture, we can no longer say that we are a nation of laws, not men.

    by MikePhoenix on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 05:55:56 PM PDT

    •  Will it change minds? (2+ / 0-)
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      caryltoo, mattc129

      Or will Obama haters still blame Obama?  "He wouldn't negotiate!"  Facts, logic, critical thinking are not strong with these people.

      •  Already there are too many out there blaming (1+ / 0-)
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        Obama for this standoff. Fox keeps calling it the liberal shutdown of the government and Boehner is out there every day crying about Obama's refusal to negotiate. There should be far more blaming the Republicans than there are. The both-sides-are-at-fault folks drive me crazy.

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