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View Diary: Cut it out with 'alcoholic' as a slur... (73 comments)

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  •  'Self-deluded' and 'denial' are sufficient enough. (2+ / 0-)
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    sturunner, kyril

    I have a problem with any insult that uses a broad 'class' descriptor as an slur directed towards another group or individual.  I'd also point out that there is some debate over whether alcoholics are truly 'irrational'.  I honestly don't know enough to argue the point, but I can link to a solid article on the 'other side' of the topic:
    Sam Wilkinson, On Rationality and Addiction
    Interestingly, in the study he quotes in his first block-quote, addicts demonstrate "that those sufficiently rewarded for making one decision will end up making it, despite their addictions."  In other words: pretty much the precise opposite of what the Republican Party is demonstrating right now.

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