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  •  I got really mad when I followed your link (10+ / 0-)

    but I think I am more mad at the Democratic Party.

    You are right. That was shameful. But also... typical.

    What a cowardly no-lift taking shots at Ted Rall is.

    What fucking good is kicking Ted Rall? Seriously?

    I've got a piece of shit Democrat named Steve Horsford here in Nevada. He votes with the Teahadi on the ObamaCare put-offs a few times. You call his safely Blue district office? "The Congressman feels that negotiations and compromise are not unreasonable on the ACA on some fronts." Er. What? The GOP House caucus wants to kill the whole law. You are helping them.

    Kick Ted Rall, when that gets a pass? God.

    The original Paul Ryan Budget numbers are the Democratic "win" if the GOP gives us a clean CR and doesn't blow up the economy. What a "win".

    I'm sick of people attacking people saying things they don't want to hear, even if they might be true and vital to know going forward.

    I'm sick of people cheering on mediocrity.

    I'm sick of being told to celebrate not total losses as wins.

    I'm also sick of premature victory laps.

    God, spare me from the people who were dancing on the GOP's grave the day after the shutdown started.

    I think people get angry at Ted Rall and Glenn Greenwald because they know the shit is true, they just don't want their mellow harshed while they are thinking that they are kicking ass.

    The GOP always comes back, because you don't attack the heroin you attack the syringe. Democrats stomp on syringes, start to boogie and dance immediately at the first tink of broken glass, and wonder why there is still a heroin problem.

    The GOP can always get another syringe.

    You don't attack conservatism, you get more of the same.

    Ted Rall hurts my feelings because maybe they should be hurt.

    How many times do we have to boogie down in pre-mature triumph only to get our asses kicked to get that?

    Few people will admit it, but one of the reasons we are here, at the Armageddon point, is all the post-partisan we negotiate and compromise and we don't like divisive politics so much we will break bread with people who keep breaking our arms bullshit.

    You negotiate with terrorists, they take more hostages.
    You pay-off the extortionist, he extorts you again.

    The Dirty Fucking Hippies were Right.

    I'm sorry that it takes being at the point where it's doomday for people who always have time to take Lanny Davis's phonecalls to start being a little aggressive and fight back as hard as they are assaulted.

    I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

    by LeftHandedMan on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 09:34:11 PM PDT

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    •  Oh, and you are right (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      LaEscapee, DeadHead, triv33, poligirl, corvo

      to have put up this diary and to stick your neck out.

      Thank you. Thank you very much.

      You did me a favor. You did everybody here a favor.

      I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

      by LeftHandedMan on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 09:42:58 PM PDT

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    •  I'm feeling compelled to fawn (4+ / 0-)
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      LeftHandedMan, triv33, poligirl, corvo

      But I'll refrain out of fear of embarrassing myself.

      Suffice to say, you tell it like few others are able to, LHM.


      Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. ~ J. Garcia

      by DeadHead on Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 09:47:46 PM PDT

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      •  My hat is off to you (5+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        triv33, poligirl, TheMomCat, DeadHead, corvo

        I wouldn't have gotten through the Grand Bargain stupidity that keeps coming up and coming up and coming up if it wasn't for people like you and the diarist.

        This shit of blaming the syringe for the heroin epidemic is pretty much the last 20 years of my life as a Democrat.

        I can't recall the last time a hint of good news, from polls to demographics, that might pay dividends down the road after years of fighting and making arguments that are simply not being made is cause enough alone for instant dancing and cheering.

        You gotta win the argument first. Confetti later.  

        Brand suicide is not something you get rewarded for, unless you are paid to build the Democratic Party brand.


        I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

        by LeftHandedMan on Wed Oct 09, 2013 at 05:02:49 AM PDT

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